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Bhojpuri heritage

Bhojpuri is a common language in states of Maharaja Bhoj. These days, Bhojpuri is a common language in 26 District of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. All over the world there are 300000000 person spoke this language including India and Aaroad. Many Bhojpuri singers were very famous like Santraj Singh "Ragesh", Sriniwas Sinha "Bhushan", Sharda Singh, Bireshwar Singh, Janardan Dubey, Baidh Nath Prasad, Bairister Giri, Sant Kumar Singh, Tripathi Prashuram Shashtri etc. Many Bollywood actors make Bhojpui Films like Prkash Jha, Vijay Khare, Ashutosh Khare. Many persons were busy in publishing Bhojpuri Magazines like Dr. Anil Kumar Pandey (former I.G.Railway), Dr. Lal Babu Tiwari etc.- Dr. P. S. Sinha (Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Ayush, Campush, Bhopal). Amiya Bhushan is also a bhojpuri poet and scholar.
It is also famous for its Bhojpuri heritage. The famous Bhojpuri poet Bhikhari Thakur (often referred to as the "Shakespeare of Bhojpuri") came from Saran. Mahendra Misir" the pioneer of "Purvi", a style of Bhojpuri Folk song was also from Saran. Chhapra, Arrah and Ballia are often coloquially referred to as the "ABC" region of Bhojpuri. People of this "ABC" region have taken Bhojpuri across the Indian border to far away places in Fiji, Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, Surinam and Guyana when their forefathers were settled there as indentured labourer by Imperial forces. They adopted their new homeland but still have Bhojpuri in their blood. In today's form Bhojpuri is the only Language from India being spoken in Fiji, Surinam, Mauritius, Guyana and Trinidad.

The famour sites of Siwan District

Baba Mehandar Nath Temple

This place is situated about 40 km from chapra. this is a place of lord shiva who is known here as "BABA MAHENDRA NATH". There is an old temple attached with a pond which is spread over 52 bighas. The temple is a very old and thi shivlinga is natural (means this is not made by human being).this is located near to rasulpur- chainpur road and there is an easy facility of four wheelers as well as private vechiles can roam around there. this temple is very famous not only in Chapra but also people from other cities and states offer their prayer.
Every Monday there is a big Mela(local fair) in which you can get various things like food items, toys, and materials for women folks. On the day of “Maha Shivratri” there is a big festival in which lakhs of people come here to offer puja(to Worship). In the month of Shravan (August) people offer water.


Manjhi is a Railway Station; a block of Saran District; a place near Godna which is the place of Ahilya Taran. where Ahilya became a lady from a stone. Manjhi is birth place of great religious poet of BABA DHARNI DAS; a great poet and Sant . His grand father Lala Teckyeet Rai shifted from Balehari Distt. -Sultan Pur (U.P.) to Manjhi, Distt.- Saran (Bihar). His father`s name is Parshuram Das & mother`s name is Virma Mai. He has four brothers like Lachchhi Ram, Chhatrapati Das, Beni Ram, Kulman Das. His math (residing religious place) is till present, but not in good condition. His religious songs, thoughts etc. are published time-to-time in different eminent books, magazines, news paper like "KALAYN-in SANTANK", "Bhojpuri Ke Sant Kavi". Many family members are also residing in Manjhi till date.


Ami is a big village situated about 37 km east of Chhapra and 4 km west of Dighwara. In Ami, there is an old temple known as Ambika sthan. Hence, the name Ami is derived from the main word Ambika, which is another name of lord Shiva's wife Parvati.
AMI in Chhapra is the place where according to mythology when lord Shiva carried the dead body of "Sati" from the holy yagnakund of Daksh Prajapati, the trunk of Sati's body fell in "Ami" and the holy Shaktipeeth 'Ambika Sthan' was established. This place is famous among Hindus and popularly known as Ami. Shivpuran has the details about the same. This pyre is believed to be still present within the compound of "Ambika Sthan temple" in "Ami" situated on National highway number 19 around 50 kilometres away from Bihar’s Capital town Patna and about 28 kilometres from Chapra town.
Devotees believe that their wishes get fulfilled as they worship in this temple. Around the year, specially during Dussehra, devotees from different places throng to this place. This place is well connected by rail (the nearest station, Dighwara, is 3 kilometres away) and by road from Patna.
Also around three kilometres from Ambika Sthan there is a small town, "Dighwara", which might had earlier known as "Dirgh-dwara" (main gate)is said to be the maingate of King Daksh's yagna area, the father in law of Lord Shiva.Ami is the village of Rich persons.



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