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Bodh Gaya
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This holy place is in Bihar state. Lord Mahavir attained Nirvan here some 2525 years ago, since then it has remained a place of pilgrim for Jains. Lord Mahavir is said to have given his last Sermon for 16 Prahars i.e two days and nights. The whole semon is codified into a scripture Uttarādhyan Sutra.

At Pavapuri, the temple with Lord Mahavir food print is called a Jal Mandir. Because it is surrounded by a tank. The whole area covers a square mile. A bridge to reach to temple through the lake of water is 600 feet in length. There is also another ancient temple called Gam Mandir (a temple in a village).

Pawapuri is a beautiful place. Many Jain visit it on the day of Diwali which happens to be a day of Lord Mahavir’s Nirvan. A big gathering held all remembering lord Mahavir with great respect.

The scenery around is really charming. Visitors and pilgrims are over whelmed with joy. When they see the Jal Mandir with a lack full of water decked with lotuses and the picturesque temple standing in the middle with its dazzling whiteness and hills of Rajgiri in the background with tall tad trees scattered here and there. What a seen!

In the memory of Lord Mahavir, who gave his last Sermons for 16 Prahars sitting in Samavasaran, a special arrangement of addresses to where the listeners can find places around Him and can see Him face to face- a new Samavasaran temple is also erected.



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