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The city of Nalanda offers many sightseeing destinations to explore, most of which are associated to the times of Buddha and Mahavira.
Popular sightseeing attractions of Nalanda include Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall, Nalanda Archaeological Museum, Surya Temple, Nav Nalanda Vihar, Nalanda University, Stupa of Sariputra, Bihar Sharif, Rajgir, Kundalpur and Silao.

The Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall has been built in the memory of the Chinese Scholar, Hiuen Tsang. The architecture and grandeur of this hall provides a reminder of the Nalanda University.

The Nalanda Archaeological Museum was established in 1971 to provide an insight of the Pala Art. Its sculptures showcase the attires, ornaments and societal features of the Pala Period. This complete museum is divided into four main galleries housing 13463 antiquities that have been excavated from 349 sites.
The Surya Temple also known as Surajpur Baragaon is dedicated to the Sun God. Its most popular feature is the ‘Chhath Puja’, which is held here twice every year.

The Nav Nalanda Vihar also known as Nava Nalanda Mahavihara was set up in 1951 by the Bihar Government. The main teachings of this educational institute includes Pali language and aspects of Buddhism.

The Nalanda University was built in 5th century BC and is recorded as the earliest university of the world. It also houses the famous Stupa of Sariputra. This stupa is dedicated to the favourite disciple of Lord Buddha.
Bihar Sharif is a significant centre of Muslim learning that displays remains of medieval Islamic architecture of the Gupta empires in the form of numerous tombs and mosques. The most important attraction in the place is the tomb of Makhdum Shah Sharif-ud-din.

The town of Rajgir is situated at 12 km from the city of Nalanda and is one of its significant pilgrimage centres for Hindus, Buddhists as well as Jains. Its main attraction is the Shanti Stupa, situated on the top of Ratnagiri Hills.
Kundalpur is another village near Nalanda famous as the birthplace of Gutamswamiji, who was a well-known disciple of Lord Mahavira. Amongst the villages near Nalanda, Silao is also famous for its local sweet ‘Khaja’.



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